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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

About Us is created by a team of vape lovers.

We are team who knows well our products and inspired by our passion. We have been providing our customers with vapour products and accessories for many years. As a team we invented many successful vaping projects. Currently we work on our new plan to build a Vape Fan Club -

Despite many external difficulties and barriers to pass, we still believe we in our dream and devout all our energy to success.

On our website DominiVapes we bring to life all our knowledge, competence and apply our rich practice to provide our clients with most enjoyable shopping experience.


  • To ensure best prices, safe and trustable shopping in one source, where every customer can enjoy from rewards, prizes and gifts .
  • Obtain acceptance in vapour users society.
  • Become the most trustable and recognizable vapour enterprise.


  • We strive to excellence and to provide exceptional customer service, best prices and highest product quality. These values are fundamental and will remain our constant values in our business practice .
  • We regularly update our knowledge in the field, looking for innovations in the vape industry to improve users experience. We monitor global vapor manufacturers as well as promising startup companies to provide our clients with the best options. The deserving vape products will be shown and suggested on our website.

We will do our best/macsimum effort to make your shopping enjoyable!!!