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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


 If you have made 3 orders with us for a total of $250, you can apply to join the DominoVapes Club. One time payment to join the DominoVapes Club is $69.90.

Club members receive the following benefits:

Low prices:

  • Most products have reduced prices by 35% of the regular price (does not conflict with additional discount coupons).
  • Bulk Buy! Quantity Discount (including any variations). The discount rate is 3% - 6%
  • Wholesale Discount. Best Price for the purchase of 10+ (including any variations).
  • Special Offers for a specific product, including all variations (fixed discount)

Favorable delivery:

  • Fixed Shipping is $6.90 for any product in any quantity. 
  • Over $350, free shipping USPS Priority Mail is automatically applied. (does not conflict with discount coupons).


  • Especial Promotional Coupons (E-mail Only).
  • Earn Points from every purchase. For each of your friends who joined Membership DominoVape Club, get an extra 1500 Rewards Points - the equivalent of $15.
  • Every Month Raffle: Prizes, Gifts and Bonus

Customer service:

  • Answers to all letters within 4-8 hours.
  • Priority processing and shipment of the order.
  • A thorough check before shipment (Error percentage 0.01%).
  • Quaranteed insured all parcels.

 Lifetime Membership $69.90