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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


What are Reward Points?

  • For all our registered customers, we apply the Reward Points reward program. Every time you buy on our website you collect reward points.
  • Reward Points convert to a discount in any of the following purchases on our website, on the Shopping Cart page. 
  • 100 Reward Points equivalent of $1.

How to more Earn Points?

  • Register, or log in to your account. Your unique referral link will be available. For your convenience, your unique referral link is also created on the page of each product. You need to click on "Share with a friend and Earn Points!" and add the recipient's email. Rewards: If your friend makes the first purchase at least $30, you get 300 reward points - the equivalent of $3, and your friend has a discount of $2 (applicable on first purchase only). 
  • In your account you can view your statistics attracted friends and earned points.
  • The number of possible friends is not limited. 
  • It is allowed to use your unique referral link: on social networks, on forums vapor products, in chats, in managers for communication and individual emails.

Feel free to ask questions. Answers to frequently asked questions will be posted here.